We have over 75 years of combined engineering and project management experience in industrial, chemical, process, food, power and renewable energy.

Our experience spans the entire industrial development and production value chain including project identification and conceptualization, feasibility study, investment facilitation, project design and management, project commissioning, production, maintenance, quality assurance and warehouse operations. We stay abreast with technological innovations, with an eye on industrial and business development. We provide services to a broad range of industrial clients including start-up ventures, operating industries and also sick or dying industries needing help.

We have operated in many countries and continents including North America, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Our skills extend into chemical, process, mechanical, electro-mechanical, telecom and manufacturing industries.

We remain committed to safeguard the best interests of our clients and always provide the best solutions and technology for our clients. We remain aware of technology sellers and maintain good business relationships with them. However, we are known for seeking the best solution and professionally evaluate and promote technology which is appropriate for our clients’ needs, at the right cost, with proper quality assurance. Economic and technological feasibility of any solution is part of our culture.

We are system integrators without parallel. Our project management skills are extraordinary. Our services result in optimum projects and industrial solutions and satisfied clients. The rates of return on the solutions we provide can be easily said to be the best possible.